Tulip, a 32-year-old, is engaged to Chris who happens to be a real estate broker. Tulip and Chris are deeply in love with each other. They dream as one and their understanding is complete. Yet they remain fiercely independent. Tulip has a modern, progressive, and optimistic outlook and shares her home with Chris, in the middle of the city. Chris is out of town for an official tour and is due to return by the month-end.

Tulip takes a keen interest in every small detail and is busy making the list of items required for house decoration, make-up, and wedding-card printing for their own wedding, which is a few months away.  Since Chris is occupied on his business trip, she has to manage all the arrangements, which she actually enjoys doing.

Tulip makes a call to Hannah, her friend, and asks her to accompany her for the wedding shopping. They decide the time and place over the call. While driving to meet her friend, Tulip makes a call to Chris and informs him about her day, in a short conversation of few minutes, where Chris in turn tells her about the client who has agreed to invest in his idea. She is enthralled by this news.

She meets Hannah at the mall’s entrance. Hannah suggests checking out the nearby exhibition behind the mall, set up by various artists across the nation, which showcased an exotic collection of things.

The exhibition turns out to be a shopper’s paradise and they all enjoy browsing through handicrafts, imitation jewellery, few attractive souvenirs, and cheap cosmetic items. Attractive items at the cheapest and the best price fill them up with joy. Just before leaving the exhibition, Tulip notices an antique item shop. She visits the shop alone, while Hannah lies engrossed at an ice-cream stall at the other end.

As she browses through the items on sale, she is startled to see the shopkeeper. She didn’t want to believe what she was looking at. There was definitely something off with him. “Is that a human face?” she thinks to herself. “That’s definitely a human, who else could be there.” She suppresses an urge to run out of the shop. She goes through a huge range of antique mirrors and finally decides to buy a long mirror which was covered in paper and a character was embossed on it. “It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed.

 When she asked about the mirror, the shopkeeper refused to sell it claiming that it was a faulty piece and was returned by a customer a few days back, complaining about irregular image quality. Although the shopkeeper was hesitant to sell it, she finally was able to crack a cheap deal and buy it from him.

She needed it for her bedroom, to have a complete look. After a long and tiring day, Tulip and Hannah return to their respective homes. In the evening, in her home, she puts up the new mirror in the bedroom. Weariness makes her doze off.

The following day, she makes a move to select the dress from the wardrobe in her bedroom and stands in front of the long mirror. She notices her mirror image was showing a pimple on her right cheek, but when she touches the area, she felt nothing. Without paying much attention, she makes a call to Chris, narrating him about the exhibition.

On the 7th day of the week, while brushing her teeth in the washroom, Tulip was surprised to notice a pimple had formed on the same spot, as displayed by the long mirror. Although she felt a bit indifferent, she continued with her task anyway, applying the antiseptic cream and making herself a coffee afterward.

 A seed of doubt had now grown in her mind, but she stifled the niggling doubt and laughed it off as a coincidence.

In her entire day, she cooked dinner, made a phone call to Chris to know about his official trip’s progress, then shuffled some channels on the TV and fell asleep on the couch itself.

She now started believing in the inferior quality of the cheap cosmetics she had bought and the faulty image display of the long mirror and realized the shopkeeper was right after all. But, by this time it didn’t raise any alarm to her. She carried on with her normal life: checking and making the guest list, ordering a few items online, making calls to friends informing and inviting them to the wedding.

Life was at a normal pace again and that day she decides to pay a visit to her friend. She applies makeup and wears a casual dress and checks herself in the mirror, but to her surprise, she observed a patch of white hair above the forehead and dark circles, clearly visible in the long mirror. She rushes to the washbasin to check this up in another mirror and finds no change, without any white hairs.

Despite reasoning to herself, Tulip is worried about what awaits her. Doubt fills her mind, but she pushes on. Eventually, on the next 7th day of the week, she realized the harsh reality and finds the image of the long mirror turned out to be true and now she actually had the white hair patch over the forehead and dark circle visible from far away in the mirror. This makes her feel completely shocked and horrified. “Things which happen again and again can’t be a coincidence and mirror images are not positives,” she thinks to herself.

When she enters her room after a long day at work, she senses a peculiar warmth, as if someone was their minutes before. She swiftly checks her cupboard and other items in her room and as she turns, she notices a shocking image – a hand with seven fingers is imprinted on the long mirror. This scares her to her last nerves and she sits at a corner, as fear seeps within her. She now recollects and begins connecting dots. By this time she realizes the mirror is not faulty, rather it’s haunted and works on the Rule of 7th Day.

The mirror image shows the futuristic image of the person which turns out to be true on the 7th Day. There was no other way she could explain this to herself that why all these things kept happening to her and how this mirror was predicting everything accurately.

Taking an iron rod she strikes futile blows, her body racked with sobs. Again and again, her hands hit the mirror, yet not a single crack appears on the smooth surface, and yet while doing so, a strange phenomenon takes place – she sees the reflection of a face for a split second in the mirror. “Was that the same person who sold her the mirror?” she thought. The face appeared with a strange smile and faded away in a while. Seeing this she stumbles and falls off to the ground.

She gathers some courage to stand in front of it and immediately searches for a cloth to clean the mirror and rub it to clear off any dirt and have a look at herself. But she finds out that there is no reflection in the mirror. She realized that no image was an indication that she will be dying soon and to be specific on the 7th day from today.

On the morning of the 7th day from then, Chris returns and knocks on the door. But no one opens the door. He calls Tulip on her cell but gets no response. Finally, he opens it with a duplicate key. He swiftly keeps aside his luggage and looks for Tulip and finds her lying unconscious near the wash basin. Without any delay, he immediately sprinkles water and tries to make her conscious.

After a few constant efforts, Tulip gained consciousness and burst out in tears holding Chris tightly. Chris notices her pathetic condition and realizes something was not right. Chris’ curiosity to know the reason made her narrate the entire incident all the way from the beginning.

Although he didn’t believe her words but to support her in this condition, he agreed to everything as conveyed. Tulip also tells him about the prediction and that she will not live to see another day.

Thinking about the exaggeration, Chris realized that he should get rid of the mirror which caused all the said issues. Tulip and Chris unlock the Mirror, wrap it again and decide to throw it in the lake on the outskirts of the city.

Chris assists her to put the mirror in the backseat of his car and they both start driving to the outskirts of the city to check for the lake. GPS navigation showed a pond near a freeway nearly 35 kilometers away from the current location. Tulip didn’t utter a single word during the journey, her face was pale yellow and filled with dark circles.

Although Chris tried to talk to her and crack a few jokes to lighten up her mood, she didn’t react. The only thing which she wanted was to surpass this day – which might probably be her last on Earth.

After a drive of almost about 45 minutes from home, they find a pond outside the main city. The vicinity is silent and they can easily hear the breeze prevailing. Chris opens up the dickey of the car, pulls out the mirror, and then walks towards the pond. There is complete silence in the area, dark and gloomy. Chris without looking at the mirror lifts it and throws it in the pond.

At this same time, Tulip sees a shadow of a man running towards the pond at the exact place where the mirror is thrown. She notices that this is the same guy who sold her the mirror and whose reflection she had seen with a strange and peculiar smile in that mirror. She immediately tries to check the fingers of the shadow, and she is flabbergasted to see it actually had seven fingers.

After throwing the mirror, Chris turns, only to witness a heavy breeze pushing over his shoulder as if someone hit him hard. Chris could not see anyone. But Tulip sees the man jump in the pond, behind the mirror. Chris now walks towards the car, to cheer her up, Chris turns on the music in the car. While driving Chris turns towards her and suddenly a truck appears and in order to avoid the collision, he steers the wheel completely right and hits a tree.

Chris hits his head against the dashboard of the car which leads to some internal injuries and some bleeding on his forehead.

Tulip falls out of the car, on the road. After gaining some consciousness in a few minutes, he makes a quick move towards her. He takes her in his lap, Tulip doesn’t respond. Chris checks her pulse and heartbeat and realizes she was no more. This leaves Chris in acute shock and he sits and cries looking at her dead body.

Although he got out with only minor injuries, Tulip was unfortunate enough to receive critical injuries and died on spot. He realizes that she was completely right and it was completely his fault. His heart was filled with guilt, with regret, if he had believed her earlier, she would’ve been beside him today. But what he didn’t realize yet was that even after death, she was always beside him. He just didn’t have the medium to see her, because he drowned it in the pond himself.

Written by: Priya Kishore

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