Seven Sins


I was always the kind of a person who hated to initiate activities, I always needed an external stimulus to trigger my work. NO! You are completely wrong. I am not an introvert and clumsy because the world knows my power and each mind has a secret entrance for me, the greatest enhanced desire, Greed.

But sitting in this room, for the very first time I am feeling low. I was still unknown to these both gentlemen. The question which I am struggling with is, “How we three are related?” Probably the reason will be revealed as soon as I get familiar with them.

After few minutes of silence and seeing a really dumb company, I decided to talk because it was an urgent necessity. Hence, I broke the ice and introduced myself, I got to know that these both people, sloth and gluttony were actually my distant relatives. The really funny thing is that even they did not know each other.

“So, what are your achievements Mr Greed?” asked the fat man with curly hair who introduced himself as Gluttony.

“Well! A lot,” I exclaimed.

“We would love to listen,” said Sloth, the fair bald man.

“Well, I am not new to you guys. I was born in the lane named NEEDS and I was raised in the city of WANTS. I am qualified with the degree of dominance and my hobby is to suppress the sense of rights and wrongs.”

“How on the earth somebody can do that?” questioned Sloth.

“By blocking the path of conscience in the human brain, assuring zeal and zest and triggering the hunger for endless demand. I have been doing this work since ages and I earn by degrading the character of human and shattering guilt and peace of mind within,” I told.

“Great indeed, now tell us about yourself Mr Sloth,” asked Gluttony.

“Well, I have always been the object of ridicule. They call me by names like Lethargy and Laziness. But abstaining someone to make a move to aspire their goals gives me utmost satisfaction. My job is to impart reluctance to a well-organized propaganda.”

“That is impressive,” I smiled.

“Thank you. I can also hinder smooth work and can easily compel frustration and degradation of mind and body,” Sloth continued.

“That is so amazing. I guess our boring talks are bringing us closer to each layer of our respective personality,” I said.

“Definitely. Today is not at all a bad day,” Gluttony laughed.

“Would have been better if you tell something, dear friend,” said Sloth.

“I don’t generate aggression like you both. I don’t understand why even I am considered as one of the deadliest sins.” Gluttony was frustrated.

“Yes, I am a misplaced desire. I manipulate appetite and make an individual involve in mindless eating. But I am unbiased. Forget quantity, I can disguise as hunger even at the most unusual time. I love to create an irresistible urge in the taste buds to eat endlessly irrespective of cost or quality.” Gluttony paused his speech with a long breathe.

Sloth laughed like anything.

Gluttony got furious and asked, “What brings so much fun within you?”

“Don’t you dare to mock the king of appetite” I said with a louder laughter.

“Tell me Greed by which way we three are so much similar. At least I am not like you two,” argued Gluttony.

“We are because the blood of destruction flows within our veins” I replied.

“Yes, Mr Greed we belong from the same family of sin which along with pride, lust, envy, wrath tarnished humanity and killed optimism,” Sloth continued.


That was the end of the discussion, we became quiet and gluttony looked at us with surprise and shock. Probably there was a realization and a reflection of ourselves which we saw within each other.  It was a rough day for Envy. He was tired and wanted to go home but the boss wanted to have a meeting with him. He wondered why the boss wanted to meet him.

“Oh, this! I got this yesterday only. And you know…” Envy could hear Pride bragging about his new watch. He tilted his head for a moment to have a look at his watch. And he couldn’t stop staring at its shining case and strap. Envy also wanted to buy that kind of watch.

He started wondering why Pride is considered the most serious among all the seven of us when he is nothing but selfish and self-perverted. He believes that he is essentially and necessarily better, superior and more important than others.

Only then Pride waved at him from his cubicle.

“Hey dude!” he called out excitedly. “That was a pretty awesome party I threw, wasn’t it?”

“Party? Wha- Oh! You mean the one like last month? Yeah, that was pretty okay, I guess.”

“Oh man, you don’t gotta tell me twice. It was epic!” Pride looked both ways suspiciously and then leaned in. “Hey, can you keep a secret?” he whispered not-so-quietly from across the room.

“Uh. Sure?”

“Lust and I went on a date after that. Isn’t that cool?” he boasted with a fat grin stretching across his face.

He gave him a thumbs up. “Good for you, man,” said Envy, faking interest. So, he went with Lust. So had pretty much everyone in the entire office, idiot. Envy so much disliked him.

“Anyways,” Pride continued. “Did you hear about the rumours regarding lay-offs?”


“Yes, there’s been rumours of layoffs but I think, I’ll be alright. The boss loves me. Who doesn’t?”

Envy really wanted to punch him at that moment. He didn’t want to lose his job.

“Can you please shut up?” Wrath yelled out of nowhere. ”I am trying to work here.”

Pride rolled his eyes and mouthed ‘o-kay’ mockingly before slinking back down into his chair and moving closer to Envy’s cubicle. “Man,” started Envy, pulling out his drawer for some papers, forgetting that last week he stole Pride’s limited edition pen.

“Hey! Hey! Isn’t that my pen, I lost last week? How do you… ”

“Oh, I just realized that I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back,” Envy said, standing up and walking away.

Just as Pride began to protest, the door to the boss’ office swung open and out walked their boss, Satan. He saw Envy from his desk. “Hey, Envy! Come on in, buddy. Let’s have a little chat.”

Envy entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“Take a seat, Pal,” he said inviting Envy to sit down. “Envy, you’ve worked here for over 2017 years, and you’ve been great, but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to let you go.”

“Whoa, whoa, just like that? C’mon, and you should fire Sloth. What does he do? Half his work is in collaboration with Gluttony these days anyway. Sloth was supposed to get fired, Gluttony was supposed to pick up the slack, and the rest of us weren’t supposed to have anything to worry about. You’re my kid’s godfather, for Anti-Christ’s sake! I-” Envy started gasping for air, almost suffocating.

“Take your time,” Satan said. “I know you’ve insatiable desire and covetousness, and that’s okay but, we can’t all be Pride.”

“Lucifer don’t forget it was me who led the Jews and Roman authorities to manipulate the envy in the heart of Judas. I made Cain kill Abel because God favoured Abel’s sacrifices. I was the root of the wicked of the opponents of Prophet Muhammad.”

Lucifer pondered for a moment.

Finally, he agreed. “All right Envy, you got a deal. But if you want to keep your job, you should keep the Black leaders from uniting and coming to a common table of brotherhood.”

Leaning back in his chair again, Satan stabbed out the disgusting brimstone cigar and laughed.

“Do not fail to impress me, Envy.”

Envy gave a discontented smile and walked out of the door.


After everyone had left, Lucifer decided to visit the realms of the mortals, to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to show how things were done. He wanted to introduce Wrath like none had ever seen before and tasted the Lust none will ever dare to taste again.


“The future is here. The future is now. And it is all mine. I’ve to lead my people here. And they too have been grateful.

But is this it? This is supposed to be just the beginning. The beginning of an even bigger and better future. No one can stop us. No one can stop me. I have gotten rid of the scum, and now my land is pure, my people are safe. “

“The telegram is…”

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something important? You’re lucky enough to keep your job, and you’re even luckier to keep your head.”

“But Herr Direktor, who are you talking to? There’s no one here.”

“I’m talking to my most trusted man and my advisor.”

“Oh, so you’re talking to yourself in the mirror.”

“GET OUT. GET OUT. NOW. Before I have you shot right in the middle of your eyes.”

“So, where was I? Ah. Looking at the bright future. Well, let’s have a glimpse at how it actually looks, shall we?”


(Special request)

The following are a detailed and organised report of the achievements and the reformations brought about by Herr Direktor.

“Ja Ja Ja, this is absolutely perfect, I must have these laminated and put up inside all houses of this land. No, I’ll have Henry make these into songs, and have ever kid in every home learn them.”

“Perfect, I’ll do just that, I must be a genius. It’s no wonder why the entire world is at my feet, following my every command.”

“…..But… it’s not the entire world yet. Is it?”

“No. I still have a lot more to conquer. This is just half of Europe. I have over a million men, I can take over entire Europe in a few months.”

“We’ll spread the Aryan Brotherhood all over the world, we’ll get rid of the weak, the poor and the unworthy. We’ll cure mankind of its disease, relieve it of its stench.”

“Ja. We will. We will…..wait…. what do you mean us?”

“I’m the most powerful man on Earth, and you’re just a useless, powerless reflection trapped in a mirror.”

“Ha ha ha… I am stronger than you’ll ever be, and I am wiser than you can ever become, you’re nothing without me and all that you have conquered are only because of me.”



“You know…… I can shoot……and break this mirror ………and you’ll never even exist.”

“You can, but remember Herr Direktor, you’ll never be as strong as I am.”

The gun cocks. The glass shatters. And a stain of blood scatters all over the floor.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

Written by:-

-Jagrita Roy

-Abhishikta Nayak

-Prithwijit Chowdhury

Edited By

-Prithwijit Chowdhury

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