Another day passed by as Amita got up from her chair, disappointed as usual. Another guy went down her list- people never to date again.

This was the third guy she dated and dumped in a span of one month. Things did not seem to work out for her when it came to finding Mr. Perfect.

It all started when Amita was 19. While on a trek on the mighty Himalayas, she was teamed up with a guy called Bharat and they got along pretty well. That was when she realized that she too had the ability to fall for someone. Also, she can love it. It was a 20-day trek and at the end of day thirteen, she gathered all her courage and searched for Bharat. Bharat was standing in solitude, lost in thoughts, smiling at the deep blue sky.

He was startled when Amita gently tapped her shoulder. After a pause, with gleaming eyes, Amita confessed her feelings. Bharat could not deny such a passionate proposal at all. He too disclosed his secret admiration and love for her.

Up until now, everything was just like a dream that came true. Being with your loved one is a different feeling altogether.

But, this is what followed afterwards –

Bharat’s whole personality changed. In the struggle to prove his love, respect, loyalty, and admiration for Amita, he started caring a little too much.

He used to pester her with his “Is everything alright?” every now and then. That was not the person Amita fell for. She loved the Bharat who always joked around with his care-free attitude.

But then, of course, love changes everyone. It can calm the fiercest of animals and it can also create monsters out of pure souls. This is something Amita failed to understand. She could not take it anymore and on the same day, they broke up.

Hard to digest, isn’t it? I thought so too. Well, stick around till the end.

Pretty heart-broken, Amita returned to her camp with teary eyes. She could not sleep the whole night. The experience of losing someone so close to her heart absolutely shook her from inside and the fact that she would be seeing Bharat the next morning was even scarier.

Wouldn’t it be super awkward? It sure would have been, but she never got to see Bharat again. The camp instructor informed that Bharat had decided to go back. All the people started discussing the issue trying to figure out what could have led to such a decision. And Amita? She tried her best holding back those emotions.

Small orbs of tears formed in her eyes. With a swift motion of her hands, she wiped them away.

Fast forward to two months after that trek, sitting in a park bench were Amita and a guy.

Who was he? Mr. Perfect? Another disappointment? Let’s leave that for Amita to figure out.

Amita seemed to have found a suitable guy. Tall, dark and handsome. He was the real deal. He indeed was charming. How could she say no? Manvik was the name of this charmer. The more one looked at him, the more they felt a grip around their hearts.

They met during dance classes in the summers. As destiny would have it no other way, they were paired together for an upcoming event.

Amita was a trained dancer and it seemed that Manvik was equally good. The pair was nothing short of perfection when it came to dancing. This chemistry slowly got transferred into their personal lives.

Maybe because they spent the whole time together or maybe that is how the one watching over them tended things to be like this.

It was the judgment day. All the hours of hard work they put into their practice were going to be discerned.

Groups came in one after another raising the bar to new levels and challenging the succeeding teams to perform better.

After some time, it was their turn. The pair was magic. The passion, the creativity, the chemistry, the hard work and their blind trust in each other burst into life through their actions. A well-deserved standing ovation led them to first place in the competition.

Amita had made a secret pact with herself. If she did win the competition, she would confess her feelings for Manvik. She did win. Now, it was time to proceed and fulfill her pact to herself. She went to the park where they usually met and there, on one of the many benches, sat Manvik as if expecting someone’s arrival. She walked up to him and sat by his side with a smile on her face. Manvik seemed to be equally pleased. Both of them sat in silence for a while, enjoying the cool breeze and this unusual soothing moment in each other’s company. It seemed as if Cupid had played all his cards divinely.

They both turned towards one another at the same time and said: ” I want to be with you.” The shock on their faces and the sudden realization that they both wanted the same thing was a pure sight of joy. They embraced each other and stayed that way for quite some time.

Amita was happy for the next few days until it was the same problem all over again. Manvik started behaving just like Bharat; caring too much and bothering her every now and then by “How are you feeling today?” and “Is everything alright?”

Amita tried talking it out with Manvik so as to not do this anymore but a habit is not easy at all to change. For a couple of days Manvik somehow or the other controlled himself but then reverted back to his old self. Upon confrontation by Amita, he felt helpless. He could not see why Amita would not want him to care about her. Where was the problem? Was it really him that was creating the issue?

Maybe. At least that’s what he thought but I’m pretty sure you don’t think so. Or do you?

Well, as you might have guessed already how things went on from that day, the relationship started turning toxic and eventually, they decided to go their separate ways.

Two down. Dear readers, now what? Do you think she will ever be able to triumph in her conquest for love? Let’s hope so, because everyone loves a happy ending, isn’t it?.

Amita was distraught and disgusted with relationships and like any other person, she decided to give up on love as it did more harm to her than good. What she failed to understand was that the reason for being upset is being left alone, rejection or betrayal. Love is the only key to happiness.

For the next few months, everything seemed to be going as she had planned out. No seeing other guys. Staying away from any potential mate. Amita was successfully accomplishing her desire to be single but stupid Cupid as she would refer  to at a later stage in a diary entry, had to intervene and ruin her master-plan.

The dawn broke and with that, came a knock on her door.

Amita was up already, dashing through the hallway, almost tripping down in excitement.

What was it that seemed so important? Was it someone she was expecting or was it just the regular people she met?

Enough with these cliches; of asking the reader to try and imagine the situation. Let’s dive right into the story.

Amita, turning the knob of the door, opened it and quickly snatched the paper out of the astonished paperboy’s hand. With a huge smile on her face, she said” Thank you!” and slammed the door close.

Running back with the same enthusiasm and this time around, falling on the carpet too, Amita wanted nothing more than to read something very important in the newspaper.

Holding one of her shoulders which was clearly going blue from the fall, she made her way to her room.

Making herself comfortable on her bed, she opened up the newspaper and started reading the headlines with full concentration. Nothing could stop her from finding THE WHATSOEVER she was searching for.

As her finger ran through headline after headline, she started to perspire a little. Letting out the loudest squeal made it clear that she had found what even I don’t know of.

Want to know what it was?


I was just joking. I am sorry, got a little carried away. Anyway, so, Amita had found something.


The headlines read as follows: Amita Khurana, the girl from Shillong, qualifies for the international swimming competition.

Amita was over the moon. Her accomplishment meant everything to her. As she was enjoying her moment of triumph, her phone rang.

It was an unknown number. She picked it up and said, “Hello?”

The voice from the other end made her heart skip a beat. She knew this voice. It used to be her favorite, once upon a time.

It was Bharat. Upon no reply to Bharat’s introduction, he said,  “Just called you up to congratulate you. Your achievement is something to look upon proudly by the nation. That’s all I wanted to say,

Bye-bye Amita, take care.”

Crazy, right? You didn’t see that coming. If you do think this was crazy, well, you are in for one hell of a weird ride for sure, plus I am the creator, so I get to play along with the characters and the plot.

Moving on.

Bharat cuts the call before Amita could gather her tongue and senses. Still surprized, Amita places her phone down slowly on a coaster on the table.

No sooner had she placed her cell, it rang again.

Yet another unknown number. Yeah, yeah, I know you figured it out.

It was Manvik. Speaking out the exact same words, he too went off the call.

Amita did not move for an hour or so, still traumatized, pondering upon the thought of plausibility of such an occurrence.

She wanted to cry, but no tears fell. She wanted to forget it all but to no avail.

The happiest day of her life was slowly turning into a catastrophe. All the memories came back breaking the firm wall she had built between her emotions and herself.

Laying on her bed, she thought about all the guys she had dated before.

Something, somewhere, just happened to click inside Amita and it made her sit up straight, still teary-eyed.

Bharat and Manvik were the exact same person and so were all the others. Her reason for break-ups was always the same; overcaring nature.

How could she not see this? Amita picked up her phone and ringed back the first unknown number.

Bharat picked up and before he could utter anything, he was asked to meet in person at a specific location at a particular time and the call was cut.

The same thing followed with Manvik.

The time had come. Amita was waiting in the cafe store where she usually went with both of the guys.

Gazing intently at the door, she was patiently waiting for both of them.

The door opened, and she could recognize the person as Bharat.

On second thoughts, he seemed like Manvik.

What was going on?

Who was this person who resembled both of them but was neither of the two?

Alarmed by his progression, Amita stood up and in a shaky voice full of evident panic, asked, “Who are you?”

The person says,” I am the one you chose and me? I always chose you.”

Still unable to come in terms with the facts, Amita goes through everything she knew and had experienced.

After a pause which seemed to have been for eternity, realization dawned upon her.

She was dating the same guy over and over again without ever perceiving it.

I told you, it was gonna be crazy. Want some more? You will be served well at my expense.

The person suddenly made quick strides towards her and held her arms.

The grip was tightening as time passed by. She tried screaming but no sound escaped her throat. She tried freeing herself but no muscles coordinated her want, her plea, her request, and her command.

The person, with his deep voice, shook her and yelled  “Wake up, Wake up!!!”

Everything started getting blurry. The so called person was slowly turning into an empty void of nothingness.

The whole scene in front of her was turning and twisting until it was nothing, just blank, dark void.

She slowly opened her eyes and this was the first thing she heard: She is finally awake. Everyone, come on. She is awake. After all these years in a coma, she has awakened.


I hope I did justice to the story. If you are wondering who ‘The person’ was, of course, it was me though. I am allowed to make appearances in my stories, is it not?

I hope you enjoyed it.

– Creator

Written by: Bhaskar Banerjee

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