K-pop — Redefining and Exalting Music

Hey, K-Pop Lovers!

Trust me; when I say this, I am not only proud but also happy to acknowledge that many people are in one or the other, K-pop fandoms, exclusively BTS. But, don’t get me wrong, I am also a Carat, EXO-L, Sone, ReVeLuv, E.L.F, Blink, V.I.P, and there are many others actually, but let’s not get into it.

So, firstly, I would like to establish some ground rules for all the rookies here(I am sorry, I will try to keep the Korean slangs aside, just for the sake of newbies). Firstly, no-one can call them gay without knowing the truth. People without beard look much cuter TBH. Secondly, they don’t look alike. And, lastly, don’t compare them with American music, Kpop is an entirely different genre, and FYI, they have a bigger fanbase. Bigger than any other celebrity. So let’s get started! Hwaiting!!!

Korean Wave and the Carriers:

Korean Wave, or simply Hallyu, refers to the acknowledgment of Korean culture and entertainment globally. Just like a wave hits the shore, this Korean Wave hit the public. In the 1990s, when the world got to know about Kdrama and Kpop, a sudden rise of interest was observed by the Korean Entertainment Industry. Today, it’s so vast and so diverse that it took me 85 K-dramas and millions of songs, to understand this real thing.

In 1999 the world wide web took over the world and BOOOOOOM. Kpop found a way to make it to the people’s ears. In the 2000s, H.O.T. became the first K-pop band to perform overseas. People were mad about them in Korea too. And seeing the global success, not only the entertainment industry but also the local fans took charge of spreading the wave all across the globe. I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am to be one of them. Although I joined this wave in 2015, but anyways. The MNCs based in Korea like SAMSUNG, LG, Hyundai also inferred to bring about the Korean Wave.

Entertainment Industry

In Korea(we are talking about South Korea here, don’t mess with the names), there were majorly three biggest entertainment industries, always fighting against one another(not actual fight, just the fight of success). SM Entertainment, founded by Lee SooMan, YG Entertainment founded by Yang Hyun-suk and JYP, founded by J.Y Park.

But thanks to the biggest and the best-est band BTS, BigHit Entertainment tops the list of the most successful Korean Entertainment company. Apart from these, there also other agencies like Cube Entertainment, Fantagio, Pledis, DSP Media, etc., which are like a home to one of the most successful bands and solo artists in the industry.

Coming back to the fanbase, YouTube has played a significant role in actually spreading music all across the world. The biggest success was observed in 2012 when Gangnam Style by Psy created history by becoming the first YouTube video to reach a Billion views. That’s when the fanbase for Korean Pop Music Sky Rocketed. However, after that, there wasn’t much of an explosion observed in the Music Industry. But who knew that a bunch of teenagers would end up winning the hearts of billions and trillions of people.

This band made their debut in 2013, but couldn’t attain much attention up until 2016. With their hit song Blood Sweat Tears, they not only became the fastest music video to reach the most number of views on the YouTube but also the first Korean group ever to beat Singers like Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and Justin Beiber to win the Top Social Artist Award at the 2017 Billboards. Surprisingly, they won with a margin of 300 million votes or so.

But this wasn’t it. Everyone thought that this was the first and last time that this is going to happen. However, this band proved everyone wrong and went on to win the Top Social Artist Award for the second time in 2018, along with winning all the top-notch awards back in South Korea. Their success, their talent led them to produce some sensational music collaborations with singers and music producers like Halsey, Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj, Lauv, and also some exclusive collabs with Wale and Charlie Puth.

The Global Sensation: BTS

(BANGTAN SONEYODAN or Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

The only best way to describe this group is through their songs. This seven-member group rocked the hearts of many with their songs. And if not songs, then their dance. They behold the position of performing one of the toughest dance routines on stage and off. And if by any chance, their dance and songs are not good enough, then their looks are gonna melt your heart away. This seven-member group holds vocalists, rappers, dancers, and visualizers.

The names of the members are Rap Monster(Kim NamJoon, he is the leader and also as the name says, a rapper), V(Kim Taehyung, is a vocalist), Jin(Kim SeokJin, is a vocalist), Suga(Min Yoongi, a rapper), J-Hope(Jung HoSeok, a rapper, and a dancer), Jimin(Park Jimin, a dancer, and a vocalist) and lastly JungKook(Jeon Jungkook, this youngest member of the group is a vocalist and a dancer).

BTS: Individual achievements

Apart from the global hit and sensation that this band has created, there were times when they all suffered from failure and even got depressed. This group was on the verge of disbandment, due to the lack of attention and success they were receiving. That’s why most of their songs are based on mental health, depression, and anxiety.

Debuting in 2013, there wasn’t much of a success that this band received. Rap Monster was initially given an offer of opting for a solo debut, but he refused and decided to stick with the group. In 2017, as their song Blood Sweat and Tears came out, they swept almost all the music awards in South Korea, and thanks to their fandom A.R.M.Y( Adorable Representative M. C. for Youth), they swept some awards in America too. And ever since there has been no stopping. From being one of the most unsuccessful groups, they are now the global sensation.

In association with there “Love Yourself” series, BTS, along with the partnership of South Korean and Japanese Committee for UNICEF, started a “Love Myself” campaign. This two-year anti-violence campaign aims to bring about a happy change in everyone’s life. With self-motivation, and making everyone’s spirit to live to rise, they focused on mental health and depression. Their success is in part because their songs can speak to the people. With BTS being the youth ambassador, this campaign was funded by the amount they generated after producing the Love Yourself series.

Written by: Gauri Sachan

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