Immortal Love

It was a Monday, and like any other day I woke up late for school, yet I was eager about one thing. Two days had passed since I last saw her and today I would see her again. Well, you must be curious about ‘her’. She was the prettiest girl in our school- very petite, and literally, she could drive anyone insane just by her delicate looks. Apart from her gorgeous looks, she was also a gifted student. All the teachers regarded her for her intellect. She had the most pleasing personality and almost every single guy in our class was crushing on her. As I was thinking of this, I heard our school bell. I didn’t even realize that I had already reached.

As soon as I reached the class, our English teacher scolded me for coming late. However, I was looking for her, and luckily there was an empty seat right next to her. I sat there. Everyone in the class was smirking at me. I wondered whether I should make the first move when suddenly, she introduced herself stating that her name was Divya, and I told her my name was Ravi. That day in the class, our teacher announced that next week we had to perform a skit, and that by this week, we had to submit the names of our group mates. I mustered up the courage and asked her whether she was interested in being my skit mate, to which she replied that she would think and let me know by night. Now, I had the perfect excuse for taking her number and I acted cool about it.

That night I was pretty excited as I was eagerly waiting for her reply. I was checking my phone every now and then, when finally around eleven thirty I received a text which stated that she was interested. It overwhelmed me with joy. Next day, I reached school early. Everyone was pretty shocked as I usually came late. Even the teachers were double checking while taking the attendance to make sure it was really me. I dragged the chair next to her; she smiled and greeted me. During our break time, I explained her the plot of our skit. Aditya was also there with us. Our plot mainly revolved around how a guy unconditionally loved a girl and how when she rejected him, he went all psycho, killed her and preserved her body forever. On hearing our plot, her silence alarmed me. I knew I had overdone it; even Aditya seemed perplexed. After all, it seemed quite difficult to act it out in real life. Then after a long pause, Divya finally broke the silence and exclaimed that it was a brilliant idea, and to execute it successfully, we should start practising right away. She could influence everyone with her zeal and enthusiasm, and in no time we found that we could execute our skit very nicely. Finally, the night before our performance, I called her up and asked her whether she was feeling nervous. Actually I was the one who was extremely nervous. Although the script was written solely by me, I was still suffering through jitters. She said that she wasn’t nervous at all and neither should any of us be. The next morning I woke up early and went through my dialogues once more. I reached school and met Aditya. She had not arrived yet. Her being late wasn’t usual. The first bell rang which marked the start of our English period. We took our usual seats when our English ma’am came and asked us to sit according to our groups. We were assigned group numbers; ours was four. Ma’am started calling out the groups in the sequential order. First two skits were over and still there was no sign of her. I decided to text her from the class.The third group was on the verge of completion when I received her text that stated “I am sorry, I cannot come.” I didn’t know how to react; I heard Aditya calling me as it was our turn now. I told ma’am that one of our skit mate who was playing the lead role hasn’t turned up yet. Aditya suggested ma’am to call our group in the end. He still had some hope that Divya might turn up. I remained silent and nodded despite knowing that she would not come. Probably, I too hoped that she would turn up at the last moment. All the skits were done and finally, ma’am called us once again and asked whether we would perform the skit without her or come up with something new in the time left, but both of us weren’t confident enough. So finally, we were all penalized for not performing. Aditya was boiling with anger and blamed me for selecting and relying upon her. I remained silent as I was so pissed off. How could she let us all down like this? That day after school I decided to go to her home. I went and rang the doorbell, and there she was, standing in front of me. She was surprised to see me. Her face was totally expressionless. When I asked her for the reason of her absence, she retorted back that she found the plot pretty lame and decided to back out rather than make a fool of herself in front of the entire class. I was taken aback by her words, but somewhere I knew she was lying. I asked her again, and this time I held her hand while I did it. She neither removed her hand nor did she say anything. I asked her again and this time I spoke louder. She said that she knew from the very beginning that the only reason I wanted to do the skit with her was to indirectly tell her how much I liked her. I was caught red-handed, and I was about to say something when she interrupted and said that she was never interested in me, and it was a big mistake on her part to agree to become my skit mate. I didn’t know how to react. Suddenly I held her hand and literally dragged her into a nearby forest. It was an isolated place. She was screeching at the top of her voice, but I couldn’t stop myself; not after what she had just said; not after how she made me believe that she actually liked me. I dragged her to the forest and threw her on the ground. She fell down with a thud, her left leg was badly injured as it directly hit a large rock. She cried and begged me to stop, but it was too late. I wasn’t able to control myself. I found a wooden log lying about twenty yards away. I picked it up and battered her to death. After some time, I stopped to check whether she was still breathing. I checked her pulse, it took me a couple of minutes to realise that she was actually dead. I stopped to think what should I do, but then actually I didn’t need to think as I knew exactly what was to be done next and it was all over in a moment.

After one week:

It was a Monday, and like any other day I woke up late for school, yet I was excited about one thing, it had been almost a week since I last saw her. On my way to school, I saw many posters of a missing person. On reaching school, I could see Divya’s parents having a chat with the principal of our school just outside his office. I rushed to my class as I was already late and took my seat; that very seat which I used to take beside her. After school that day, Aditya came to me and asked about Divya. I replied, “Who knows, but probably she deserved it, anyway”. Aditya was silent on our way back and suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten to do something. Something I have been doing every day since last Monday. I ran. I could hear Aditya yelling at me, but I had no time. I ran and reached the forest where I last saw her. After some time, I reached my personal tree house where I used to keep all my possessions since my childhood days, my certificates, trophies, medals, my first self-made refrigerator, etc. I climbed up the ladder of the tree house. There was a big box of about 6 feet lying in front of me. It was locked, I opened the box and kept still for some time. There she was, lying in the box. All the ice had molten, so I took some ice out of the refrigerator and put it inside the box and closed it again. I stood there and took my time to cherish all my trophies, but my biggest trophy was inside the box. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a piece of paper lying on the ground. I picked it up and saw it was the script for our skit. Although we never got to act it out on stage, I carried out the play in real life. I smiled, I had finally lived my act and achieved the impossible. I made the love of my life immortal. Made the love of my life immortal.

Written by :-

Abhrak Dasgupta

Edited by :-

Aritri Saha

Akansha Singh

Bharat Sharma

4.4/5 (20 Reviews)
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