Psychological Thriller


“I’ve always wanted to kill him. Sometimes, whenever he is sleeping tightly, dreaming and romanticizing about that bitch who ruined my life, I really think of bursting his head out in the open but then I stop for a while and think, how many laws will I break? I just have to plan it well enough so that no one at work gets even a hunch as to what happened.” said Rukmini, a 50-year-old woman with more grey hairs than black, speaking over the phone to her best friend, while knitting the sweater she was making for her husband.

She switched the phone on to the other side and tilted her head to support it, which is when she felt like a bee stung the rear part of her head. She shook a little and searched if there was actually a bee nearby, but couldn’t find one and then continued talking anyway. Her best friend, as usual, was thunderstruck by Rukmini’s sadistic thoughts so much that she couldn’t reply, as if her lips were tightly sewed or maybe she just didn’t care about it anymore and let the phone lying over the table so Rukmini would think that there’s someone actually listening to her evil plots.

But this was not the case always. She was not like this before. She used to be full of life and had the magic to cheer everyone up near her when they had a bad day. People would genuinely pop up at her doorstep with their dull faces, and Rukmini would always welcome them with her pretty smile and her big heart to talk them out of their misery. She loved every one, but most of all she loved her husband with all her heart and soul. Everyone in their friend circle used to think they were ‘soul-mates’ and ‘made for each other’. All of her friends would cite Rukmini’s example to shove it down their partner’s throats whenever there were bumps in their relationships.

The very last thing she remembers before her accident that gave her anterograde amnesia, after which she lost the ability to build new memories since the accident, was the phone call from her best friend warning her about how her husband was planning to murder her in order to elope with that ‘bitch’. All she has now is the rage of vengeance burning inside her. The fact that she loved her husband so much was more than enough to motivate her to kill him and the young girl.

Rukmini loved how they used to share such intimacy before. They, in fact, made a great couple. They always had each other’s backs and seldom used to fight over petty things. Her husband, Vikram, on the other hand, was an ambivert, opening up only to the people close to him. Vikram was 52, yet charming. He was the fashion icon back in his college days which is prevalent even today from the way he dresses up. He refuses to believe he had actually grown old with time and maintained his health likewise. He was as fit as the 30-year-old chaps from his office. Otherwise a quiet fellow, Vicky, as Rukmini used to call him, used to keep things to himself unless he met someone who shared the same mentality as him, someone who could judge his mood and act accordingly. Maybe, that is why Rukmini was the perfect match for him. But destiny had some pretty crooked plans for the two.

Call it Vicky’s charming looks or his personality, he still managed to swoop girls off their feet. All men used to come to him asking for grooming tips. Young boys would pester around him just to ask what hair products he used and what line of clothing did he certify. He didn’t have to bother for petty things like getting his coffee or printing and making copies of the important documents, as all the lady interns would themselves do the job for him. One of those interns was Kamini.

A 25-year-old, Kamini used to wear spectacles and had a faded glow on her face despite a dark undertone. Kamini was from Madurai and was in Bengaluru just because of her job. She had no relative in Bengaluru. She always had a clear goal in mind and it was to keep working honestly and keeping things to herself. But she too was a victim of Vikram’s charming personality. Girls have a thing to fall for men who are older than them, as they like to believe that they would be more mature, as opposed to the men of their own age, and can understand them better.

So Kamini, like every other female intern in that office, proposed Vikram. But it seemed like Vikram fell for Kamini too, which was not usual for a guy who received at least 5 proposals every fortnight. So Vikram, being married to Rukmini, accepted Kamini’s proposal anyway and their relationship was kept secret by both of them. He used to present her with small gifts every week and that little girl used to dig that. She was so much in love with the idea of the man she was dating that she almost forgot that he was married. And even when she did remember, it didn’t bother her much anyway. She was having the time of her life with Vicky, and no one in the office had any clue about it, or so they believed.

Seema, Rukmini’s best friend and Vikram’s colleague, knew what was going on between the two. She couldn’t bear to see her best friend’s life falling apart. She thought it would be wise to inform Rukmini. One day at the office, when Seema passed by Vikram’s cabin, she leaned her ears onto the wall to hear some murmuring between the two regarding Rukmini. She moved closer to the wall and heard their complete evil plot about killing her off and making it look like an accident. Seema, then, rushed to inform Rukmini about what she eavesdropped on. But before she could completely explain to her what happened, the line was disconnected from the other side.

Rukmini, on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about the phone call. It just stung her every time, to think of Vicky being together with Kamini. She had decided long ago that she had to kill her anyhow and it was only about time she took a step further towards this decision. Later that night, she went to Kamini’s place and knocked at her doorstep. Almost midnight, Kamini was in her pajamas, as she opened the door to witness the edge of a hammer striking her on the forehead, creating a loud thud in the otherwise serene hallway. A few thuds later, Kamini was struck off Rukmini’s bucket list.

It was time for her to return home and finish the other name on the list. She entered her house, just as stealthily as she went out, keeping in mind not to wake up Vicky from his deep sleep. With the hammer in her hand, dripping with Kamini’s blood, she went closer and closer to Vicky’s bed and looked at how peacefully he was sleeping as if nothing had changed for him. She caressed his hair lightly and as she was about to hit the hammer on his forehead, she looked up to see something that made her drop the hammer on the floor. Her eyes wet, her lips sore, her hands cold, as she stood there frozen, looking at a photo frame with a picture of herself, decorated with a garland of flowers which were now dead too.

Written by:-
Sagnik Chakraborty

Edited by:-
Bhaskar Banerjee
Debsmita Roy
Priyanka Pattnaik

4.8/5 (4 Reviews)
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